What is the Gloucestershire Mentoring Programme?

GMP is a free early intervention support service for vulnerable young people in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire. It’s distinctive because it’s for 11-25 year-olds considered at risk of being linked to criminal activity.

Download the file below to discover more about eligibility and find out how to apply.

Who we are

Four trusted mentoring organisations are collaborating to deliver the Programme: 1625 Independent People; The Door; The Nelson Trust and Young Gloucestershire.  One of these, The Door is acting as Programme coordinator.

Visit our partners page to find out more about each provider.

What we do

We offer trauma-informed, person-centred mentoring opportunities.  Specifically, the chance to form a trusted adult relationship with a trained volunteer mentor – one that’s long-lasting and helps them build resilience and grow in confidence, and empowers them to have a more positive future.


Four organisations working together across Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire to provide vital local support

Trained volunteer mentors and mentees building  trusted relationships that enable mentees to achieve better life outcomes  

Working alongside other services to bridge the gap between young people, and the support they need.


Offering young people the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with an adult in a safe space

Listening to young people, giving them the space to talk and be heard

Providing long term support – being with them at the first hurdle, and sticking with them to face others that come along


Providing practical advice and emotional support to help young people build resilience and grow in confidence

Equipping young people with the tools to make good choices and thrive in the future

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